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Weekly Radio Station Roundup

Hello, music lovers! Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we look at what’s been happening on the airwaves. This week, we’ve got a mix of hip-hop, rock, and some interesting news from the music world. Let’s dive in!

92.5 The Beat

Over at 92.5 The Beat, they’ve celebrated the best of hip-hop. They’ve compiled a list of the best NLE Choppa songs, showcasing the young rapper’s talent. They’ve also compiled a nostalgic list of the 20 best 90s hip-hop songs, taking us back to the golden era of hip-hop.

They’ve also been ranking the best collaborations of Too Short, highlighting the rapper’s ability to create magic with other artists. And in concert news, they’ve covered Janelle Monae’s “The Age of Pleasure Tour”, giving us a glimpse of the electrifying performances.

Mix 105.1 Utah

Mix 105.1 Utah has been serving up a mix of music news and lifestyle content. They reported on a rather unusual incident at a Pink concert, where a fan threw her mom’s ashes onstage. They’ve also been discussing the age-old debate of toilet paper orientation, proving that music stations can tackle the hard-hitting issues too!

In music news, they’ve been covering the unveiling of Olivia Rodrigo’s new album “Guts,”¬†giving us a sneak peek into the young artist’s latest work.

100.7 Bob FM

Over at 100.7 Bob FM, they’ve been delving into the stories behind the music. They’ve explored the tale of Flea’s moniker, giving us insight into the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist’s unique nickname. They’ve also given us an update on the final Beatles song, debunking the myth that it was created by AI.

In their trivia section, they’ve been asking how tall was the singer Prince, testing our knowledge of the late music icon.


X96 has been exploring the discography of punk band Alkaline Trio, with a deep dive into their albums and a fun songs quiz. They’ve also been looking into the origins of Weezer’s name and sharing a playlist of the best Weezer songs.

In news, they’ve reported on Rage Against The Machine’s fight against facial recognition technology, with the band leading a boycott of concert venues that use this invasive tech. Finally, over at Hip Hop History, they’ve been exploring the impact of Willie Hutch’s song “I Choose You,”¬†detailing how it has been sampled in various songs across different genres.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. Stay tuned for more music news and updates from your favorite radio stations!

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