Marvin Gaye’s Classic: Let’s Get It On Reissued with Hidden Gems

Let's Get It On Resissue Marvin Gaye
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The Golden Jubilee of Let’s Get It On: A Treasure Trove of Unheard Melodies

Marvin Gaye’s iconic 1973 album, Let’s Get It On, is set to make a grand comeback on digital platforms on August 25, marking its 50th anniversary. This expanded reissue is packed with 33 bonus tracks, including 18 previously unreleased ones, and a 1973 version of the ballads album Vulnerable. Listen to the classic song “Let’s Get It On:”

The Legacy of Marvin Gaye & Let’s Get it On

Marvin Gaye, a name synonymous with soul and R&B, has left an everlasting mark on the music industry, including on hip-hop’s propensity to sample Gaye’s music. His unique blend of musical styles and poignant lyrics has made him a legend. Let’s Get It On is one of his most celebrated works, reflecting his mastery in creating sensual and emotional music.

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Unveiling the Unheard: The 1973 Sessions

The reissue brings to light the 1973 sessions for an album of ballads that was initially shelved, only to be re-recorded later in the decade. These recordings were eventually released posthumously in 1997 as Vulnerable. Additionally, the reissue showcases a fresh mix of the David Van DePitte Sessions, a collection of mostly instrumental tracks that Gaye composed and produced and DePitte arranged before Let’s Get It On. These tracks, including several unreleased ones, feature the talented Herbie Hancock on piano shortly before he recorded his own masterpiece, Head Hunters.

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A Journey Through Time: Previous Sessions and Upcoming Events

The reissue also includes a selection of 1972 sessions, previously collected in a 2001 expansion of Let’s Get It On and later assembled in 2019 for the archival album You’re the Man. This new edition supersedes the 2001 version. To commemorate this special occasion, the Grammy Museum is hosting a 50th-anniversary event on August 23, with appearances by Smokey Robinson, Jimmy Jam, and David Ritz, the acclaimed author of the biography Divided Soul.

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