Impact of 1960s Pop Music on Culture

45 inch vinyl

The 1960s was a transformative period for pop music and its significant impact on culture. The decade saw the rise of the 45 rpm single record, with hundreds of millions of singles sold yearly. The success of these singles was largely dependent on radio play and heavy rotation, which convinced people to buy the music.

The Rise of the 45 rpm Single Record

The 45 rpm single record emerged as the format for much of the 1960s music. The 78rpm shellac discs competed for much of the 50s, but finally lost out to the 45 in the early 60s. By the time The Beatles came along, the 45 was selling in vast numbers – at least for some artists.

The Influence of Radio Play

Radio play was a significant factor in the success of a single. The more a single was played on the radio, the more likely it was to convince people to go out and buy it. However, there were only so many songs that could be played in a day, and as a result, many great 1960s songs slipped through the radio sifting process and have become lost over time.

The Cultural Impact of 1960s Pop Music

The cultural impact of 1960s pop music was significant. It shaped the music industry and influenced the tastes and preferences of listeners. Many of the songs from this era have endured and continue to be played on “oldies” playlists.

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