Ted Nugent Talks Oscars 


Ted Nugent is sharing his social commentary.  The outspoken rocker weighed in on the Will Smith incident at the Oscars saying, “Number one, black-on-black crime is quite visible. It’s everywhere you go, even at the Oscars. We got broadcast globally black-on-black crime. With all due respect, I got to hang out at the Comedy Store with Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison [and] Robin Williams, so I know that humor is supposed to be irreverent and outrageous. So Chris Rock’s whole career is based on outrageous and irreverent. Certainly Will Smith knows that. And there’s another time in our culture where if you were disrespectful to my woman that I should be able to coldcock you flat out in the street. And you know what I do? I back away and leave. Because unless there’s actual life-threatening conditions, I will not engage.”

He went on to say “But those days of defending the honor of our loved ones, in all practicality, those days are gone.  Because if you defend the honor of your wife in such a violent manner, you’re supposed to go to jail; you’re supposed to be charged with assault and battery. That was assault and battery under any jurisdictional definition.”

Check out his remarks in the video below


Do you think Will Smith should be charged?

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