Sailing Away: Cruise Line’s 6 Month Cruise Sells Out In 30 Minutes


Well, that didn’t take long. A six-month cruise around the world scheduled for 2024 on Oceania Cruises sold out in just 30 minutes. Staterooms and suites range from $48,500 all the way up to $174,000. The chosen vessel, Oceania’s Insignia holds 684 guests!

The itinerary calls for stops at 96 ports across 34 countries. The cruise will start in Los Angeles before heading to places like Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Greece, France, and Iceland before ending back in New York. In addition to the multiple days spent at sea, passengers will experience 24 overnight stays in several places such as Singapore and Thailand.

Oceania’s previously announced 180-day cruise for next year was also a hot ticket. It sold out in a day.

Can you imagine being on a cruise for six months? What would be the best/worst part?

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