Klaus Meine of Scorpions’ teases new album


Scorpions’ singer Klaus Meine says rock is alive and well.   In a new interview, Meine talked about their new album, ‘Rock Believer.’ He explained, “We are the essence of rock believers, yes, but also we’ve heard so many years: ‘Rock is dead.’ There is grunge, there is hip-hop, there is rap. Yes, those genres are very popular these days, no question about it, but we see every time we go on the road rock is not dead at all; it’s well and alive. And ‘Rock Believer’ is directed to this community, saying, ‘We love you and we hope you love this new album as much as we do. And I’m a rock believer just like you.’ It’s a clear message.”


Check out the single “Rock Believer” below!

The “Rock Believer” album will be released on February 25.

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