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Food News

Here are a few tasty bits from our food news roundup.

Toblerone Has To Change Logo

Toblerone is changing its chocolate bar’s iconic packaging. The chocolate company is moving to comply with new “Swissness” laws. As a result, the wrapper will no longer include the Matterhorn mountain logo. In addition, it will remove its reference to “Swiss chocolate” on the front of the bar.

A rep from the company said, “For legal reasons, we have to adapt our packaging to the Swissness legislation and, among other things, remove the Swissness notice on the front of the Toblerone pack.” However, Toblerone bars will still continue to be produced in Switzerland. So what’s the best brand of chocolate?

Fruit Roll-Ups And Ice Cream?

A new TikTok snack trend is taking over. People are smearing ice cream onto a fruit roll-up and crunching on it. The cold ice cream hardens the fruit roll up, turning it into a chip. The trend consists of the classic fruit roll-ups and a scoop of any flavor of Talenti sorbet or ice cream, although the most popular flavor has been mango. So what’s your favorite easy, go-to snack?

Hershey Debuts Plant-Based Candy

Chocolate lovers will have more options soon, thanks to Hershey. The candy maker announced that it would sell plant-based versions of Reese’s cups and chocolate bars. Reese’s Plant-Based Peanut Butter Cups will be released this month, while Plant-Based Extra Creamy with Almonds and Sea Salt bars can be found in April. Both treats will be made with oats instead of milk. How do you think these would taste compared to the originals? What other candies should have plant-based versions?

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